• AM's

    Your AM is the only Angel contact you need to get things moving.

  • AM's

    Coordination, fair balance and integrity are just the basics of an AM.

Area Managers (AM's)


Your Area Manager plays a key role within the deployment of our services.

This is the only contact you will need for all of your ordering purposes and is your first point of call if in the unlikely event there is cause to raise a complaint. He or she has full authority (within reason) to make the necessary arrangements to put right anything that may have innocently gone wrong.

Key Personnel 

AM's are experienced field personnel who work closely with all aspects of the Angel Consortium.  AM's are home based staff; additionally, they support customers in the UK and overseas and co-ordinate stock to ultimately allocate it to its destination point. AM's are highly experienced business representatives of the company and conduct a multitude of tasks to ensure that logistical strength is maintained right across the board.

Contacting an AM

Your AM can be contacted by email, landline or mobile phone. An AM seldom operates from our head office or any of our depots. An AM is constantly attending appointments.

If you need to place an order and you’re unable to establish immediate contact with your AM, then we strongly recommend that you send an email to them and you can be assured that your enquiry will receive urgent attention the moment it is picked up.  AM's have sycronised emails adapted to their Smart Phones so, the chances of your emails being missed are very slim even when they're on the move.