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    Importance placed on the environment is essential to the way we operate.

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    Working effectively to preserve what matters.

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    Our manufacturing processes consider all environmental factors.

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    Angel Paper in harmony with the environment.

Recycled Products

Protecting our planetGlobal Demand

Soaring demand for tissue based products has over the years placed relentless pressure on the natural rainforest to deliver raw material to pulp manufacturers.


As a consequence, Angel Paper place a higher preference on dealing with flat sheet suppliers and other leading manufacturers who are themselves concerned about the environment and encourage research and development for alternative raw material solutions such as Nanotechnology; a scientific process to produce and deliver a better quality of wood from genetically modified trees that consecutively, obviates the requirement of destroying natural resources from the ecosystem.


Angel Paper is not in favour of deforestation and does what is within its means to ensure that whatever it produces as a flat-sheet manufacturer has these considerations in mind for its finished products.

Alternative Solutions 

Subsequently, Angel Paper also produces its own recycled product of toilet rolls.  These are cost effective alternative solutions and show due consideration from the impact of deforestation.

Lower Grade 

Although the quality of paper used is a lower grade in comparison to a majority of the leading brands, Angel Paper deems that the necessary grade of paper quality for this type of product does not need to be of any higher spec for its intended use and is thus; designed and measured against the importance placed on environmental factors against personal hygiene.  The end result is a win win situation. 

We always try to encourage organisations to actively promote and use these products in an endeavour to decrease the ravaging of our planets natural recourses at an alarming rate. 

Angel Paper is an organisation that cares for our planet and would appeal to all consumers to become keenly involved in protecting it, simply by using such viable products.