Angel Paper

Angel Paper

Third Party Suppliers

We value our suppliers as much as we do our customers

Not all the products that we supply are manufactured directly by us.

In order to accommodate for the demands and needs of our diverse customer base, Angel Paper continue to develop relationships with its supply chain that comply with all UK regulation for quality goods and services.

Third party organisations formulate part of our structure and we will only partner with nothing short of excellence. We may not always be the cheapest supplier but we can assure that our entire product range is quality merchandise that has passed stringent checks in order to qualify for being part of the Angel Conglomerate. 


Our service delivery partners are reputable organisations that operate with high standards to meet the demands and needs of our consumers. So when you see products and service suppliers, that do not bare our name, there is no need to worry because, they will be part of the Angel Consortium and will carry the same high standards with them.


If there is any reason for any of our customers to feel concerned, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall gladly do all that we can to assist.