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Our Advantages

Small is not necessarily so small

We are a comparatively small organisation but are doing big things within the marketplace. By containing a good level of understanding of how the paper and pulp economy works in conjunction with our affiliations supported by real Industry Leaders who are effectively household names; makes Angel Paper a sensible proposition for both suppliers and consumers.  

Incorporating the high ethical values of our suppliers into our own working methodolgy gives consumers confidence to engage with us. 

We Are: -

Major Supplier to UK markets

Competitive in our pricing structure

Major suppliers in the way of tailor made solutions for high usage organisations (high usage is interpreted as a minimum of 1 pallet usage of a particular product line per week  up to a month's usage)

Engaging with government contracts

Suppliers to hotels and hotel chains

Manufacturers to the industry

Global reach


Additionally, we have over the years accumulated a wealth of valuable business experience that just simply cannot be classroom learned and we present those skills in our everyday affairs so that our customers benefit from the expertise inherent in the day-to-day delivery of our business services. Whether you are a corporate, plc or a sole trader, it matters not to us as treatment is identical in terms of service levels.