• toilet roll, toilet tissue, bathroom tissue, hygiene,

    Better standards create better customers.

  • toilet roll, toilet tissue, bathroom tissue, hygiene,

    Our products are in high demand throughout the hospitality sector.

Minimum Order Quantities

ANGEL PAPER work in conjunction with manufacturing organisations that formulate part of the conglomerate and as a consequence, we have to operate with minimum order standards as required by the various companies that form part of ANGEL PAPER. 

The MOQ standard can be anything from one pallet of goods up to one full container load of goods. This is dependent on the type of product, the manufacturer's own MOQ preference, the country of origin etc. ANGEL PAPER incorporate the manufacturers own core values into its own ethical standards and pass them over to our loyal customers.

ANGEL PAPER prices are the best you can possibly get from anywhere and there is no point in going direct to the manufacturer simply because, ANGEL PAPER supply at manufacturer prices; in effect, ANGEL PAPER are the manufacturer.

ANGEL PAPER is the only conglomerate that does this and can do this as we have obviated the requirement of holding stock and have negotiated with our suppliers that they hold our stock until it is ready to be moved thus: erradicating huge commercial overheads so that we remain market competitive right throught our product range.


Half Pallet orders are no longer available.