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    We consider the environment in our manufacturing processes.

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    Manufacturers of quality toilet tissue.

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    Major suppliers to the hotel industry.

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    Products to handle a multitude of wiping tasks.


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Q.1: Why can’t customers pay online?

Ans: Online payment systems charge a percentage of the invoice value. Our margins are already kept as low as possible so, we try not to incur any additional cost that would naturally impact on our customer’s billing. By refraining from incorporating such payment systems we pass those savings directly on to our customers.

Q.2: Why do we have to contact an AM for order placing?

Ans: Area Managers play a critical role within the Angel organisation.They are best placed and proficient to handle your enquiries / orders and arrange for deliveries. They have access to production time slots and other relevant key information to ensure that you receive a first class service. Area Managers also have all relevant pricing structures for the products and services that we provide and it is only an AM that can quote for relevant products and services.

Q.3: How soon can my business have a credit account?

Ans: We unfortunately can no longer provide this facility at this current time and will update our records accordingly as soon as this position changes.

Q.4: What is the minimum quantity order?

Ans: The minimum quantity order from within the disposable tissue range is 1 full pallet of a particular line.

Q.5: Are there any discounts on bulk orders?

Ans: Yes there is. A bulk order by manufacturing standards is a minimum of 26 pallets.

Q.6: Why is there such a high bulk order to receive discounts?

Ans: The reason for this is simply because production costs are very high and that, we already work with very minimal margins right across the board to remain competitive. It would not be economically viable for us as a manufacturing company to offer discounts on anything less than 26 pallets.

Q.7: Would Angel Paper assist in the sales of any products purchased from them?

Ans: No. We are a manufacturer and offer wholesale and retail services for products that we produce. However; if you were a regular bulk buyer with us, then any potential customer enquiries through our website / electronic media activity or, even by word of mouth, then indeed we would direct them them to their closest distributor; but this would only happen if you were buying significant volumes.

Q.8: If I purchase disposable hygiene products from you directly, would you sell those same types of products in my area of operation?

Ans: Although we try our very best to avoid this type of situation, this could never be guaranteed unless; your purchases were of significant volumes. On that basis we would guarantee that no such sales activity would be conducted by us in your area (area means a 20 mile radius of the area from where relevant goods are despatched to).

Q.9: Are your products manufactured in the UK?

Ans: Yes. All the products that we produce are manufactured in the UK and go through various checks to ensure that you "the customer" receives a quality product irrespective of the size of the order. However; some products which are supplied via some of our partner associates, can sometimes be manufactured overseas, but we do assure that those such products invariably meet the required standard for UK markets. Angel Paper categorically would not supply nor associate themselves with any product that did not conform to the standard in which the UK markets are accustomed to.

Q.10: Can we order a mixed pallet?

Ans: Mixed pallet orders are not permitted on pallet orders less than 5 pallets.

Q.11: How do we make payment once we have placed an order?

Ans: Payment is made via online banking or cheque (cheques made payable to Angel Paper). Beneficiary Bank Details For Online Transfers: BANK: Natwest | ACCOUNT NAME: Angel Paper | SORT CODE: 60-60-06 | ACCOUNT NUMBER: 47932112

Q.12: How soon after payment is made will I receive my goods?

Ans: As soon as your payment is seen as cleared funds we shall then despatch your goods to you at the next available delivery slot (we always aim for delivery to be arranged for the next working day but sometimes, logistical operations in terms of production slots, supplies from associated partners and third party carriage and freight forwarding companies, do prevent this from happening; so as a guideline we say 7 - 10 working days. This is also dependant on the size of your order).

Q.13: What if my goods are damaged on delivery?

Ans: In the unlikely event that we send out any damaged goods, you would be issued with a credit note. We do understand that there can be that rare occasion whereby goods could get damaged in transit but you would be expected to notify us within 24 hours of such damage so that we may be given the fair opportunity to resolve the problem. After the 24 hour deadline we would not be able to offer a remedy. In the first instance for any such occurrence we would ask you to contact your Area Manager (AM). An AM has the authority to make a reasonable gesture of goodwill if it is established that the fault lies with us. We can only offer a replacement of goods or issue a credit note if the carriage and freight forward of goods to you is made directly by us and not a third party carrier. The company does not make refunds.

Q.14: Can I pay cash on delivery for my goods?

Ans: No. The company does not except cash payments. The only method of payment we currently accept is by cheque or online bank transfer.

Q.15: Why are cash payments not accepted?

Ans: This is a measure to protect not only ourselves but, to protect our customers too. We operate a full disclosure policy with our bankers and company accountants, i.e. where the payment is coming from and where payments are going to. This policy is also a strict measure that has been put in place to combat fraud related activities (counterfeit money) and it complies with anti money laundering legislation.

Q.16: Do Angel Paper supply disposable hygiene products to schools, colleges and universities?

Ans: Yes we do. In fact we are already supplying a number of educational institutions with relevant products.

Q.17: What if your prices change after we have become used to working with you?

Ans: Angel Paper is an ethically led company; it is in nobody's interest to make sudden changes without sufficient prior notification. The only time there would be a price change is when pulp manufacturers "who essentially are our flat-sheet suppliers" have increased their prices due to their own operational costs increasing. Such changes effectuate the entire industry and the products that it produces. This is beyond our economic control. However; we do ask all of our customers to keep a regular check on our website for such news because, any inevitable price change will clearly be advertised in the ANNOUNCEMENTS section of the website, which can be located on the top navigation menu. We will also advise of relevant dates for when the change will take effect should this ever be the case.

Q.18: Do Angel Paper provide personalised napkins?

Ans: Yes we have this facility within our consortium and would be happy to quote for you on this enquiry type. Personalised napkins are subject to minimum quantity orders.

Q.19: What happens with my information that is input into the user register?

Ans: Your information is kept securely on our database server. It is not shared with any third party unless the third party is part of the Angel Consortium and that their department is relevant to the product or service area of interest to you and on that basis, it is necessitated by that department that they would need to communicate directly with you to ensure that you continue to receive a first class service from us.

Q.20: Why don't Angel Paper advertise their prices?

Ans: Angel Paper deem their pricing structure to be commercially sensitive within the marketplace and in order to keep our competitive edge, we therefore only offer Pro-Forma quotations, which are handled in the back office by qualified staff members to be ultimately passed on to the appropriate Area Manager who will then take over the quotation and the responsibility for order processing / delivery of goods ordered.

Q.21: Are customers tied into any contractual obligations with Angel Paper for any of their product lines?

Ans: No. It is not in our ethos to keep customers tied in with anything. We believe that if you like us and the way we conduct ourselves with you, that you will want to engage with us.