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    There is no compromise on quality with our airlaid napkins.

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    More and more restaurants are combining airlaid products with linen.

Airlaid Napkins

Linen Napkins Vs Airlaid Napkins

Unlike the standard 2 and 3 ply, 33cm and 40cm tissue napkins, our airlaid napkins offer customers pure luxury at an affordable cost. The benefits of adding airlaid as a back up to linen napkins are many, without compromising on quality; in fact, our airlaid products present a different type of luxury for restaurants, in which end users find just as appealing, simply because, the product is different to the norm with a higher level of hygienic control.

Survey Results

A recent in house survey conducted over a few months by the Angel Paper Group, demonstrated that; the Airlaid Napkin offered consumers just as much luxury than the linen napkin in terms of sensitivity of touch, with the added benefit of being more efficient. The results were a positive score on every account for airlaid excluding versatility of varying fold types.

Choosing the right napkin can make all of the difference for catering establishments and airlaid products is today thought by leading restaurants around the globe as just as essential as linen.

The table below indicates the results of the survey: 

 Without labour intensive duties      
 Space saving      
 Fresh table setting every time without any off putting ironing marks  and food stains      
 Overall cost saving solution      
 End user satisfaction    
 More hygienic      
 Cost set against pre-tax profits    
 Better choice of colours    
 Cost efficient branding options    
 Sensitivity of touch and texture    
 Durability / Strength    
 Wiping Versatility      
 Folding Versatility    
 More fold design options      
 Allergenic safety      
 Superior molecular composition    
 Fold conformability    
 Combined rigidity and softness technology      
 Required rigidity level for holding eloquent fold design position      
 Better for wiping tasks      
 Softer texture when in use    
 Biological improvement for end user customers      
 Health consideration      
 Better working practices in terms of hygiene control      
 Overall performance and practicality    







This intensive field study clearly demonstrates that Airlaid Napkins not only improve on efficiencies within the workplace but, it is undeniably a far better approach for end customers in terms of hygiene performance and restaurant working practices for airlaid napkins to also be integral and in unison with linen napkins as its back up in all high class catering establishments.

In Depth Study Into Linen Napkins Vs Airlaid Napkins

Based on actual field study experience

New linen napkin material

When some linen napkins are new material and being used for the first time, the fibre material structure naturally fails to provide the softness of touch and can feel too firm and too crisp when in use, however; in this state, these napkins can have a beautiful fold and would visually appear to be very elegant in their new and unused form until, it is touched for the purpose of wiping around sensitive skin.

At this point, this is where the new linen napkin fails to deliver the softness one would hope to expect unless the fabric is of a specific and extraordinary kind, i.e. damask or, 100% linen. There is nothing that can be done about this simply because, the material is brand new and has never been used.

Combined rigidity and softness technology 

All of our airlaid napkins, table covers and hand towels are manufactured with this technology, this is simply because; where napkins are concerned in particular, modern and sophisticated restaurants fold their napkins with a variety of designs to eloquently present a table setting.

A napkin must conform and have a certain degree of rigidity for this to work perfectly, but rigidity is of no use if, the technology used only produces rigidity without the required softness and texture within the sensitivity of touch. 

This combined technological advancement produces the perfect result time and time again and as a consequence, our airlaid napkins are beautiful in appearance in their chosen folds and are delightful to touch, whilst its elegant composure is maintained in its desired fold.

However; it must be noted that linen napkins do offer greater fold choices due to their apparent flexibility after a few washes but, the end display can appear to be flimsy and thus; unable to hold its ground in a place setting. In order for the linen napkin to perform correctly in each fold design and maintain its ground even after numerous washes, it must be made from a very high standard of quality material to produce the eloquence it rightly deserves at a table setting.

Linen napkins once they have been washed

Over a sustained period of time, linen napkins naturally, will be washed over and over and over, this amount of industrious washing causes the linen fibre to become very soft to the point, whereby; the material becomes too flimsy to create elegant folds for table setting purposes - the napkin just hopelessly flops unless, the material used for the napkin is of such a high standard of quality, i.e. damask, double damask or 100% linen.

Although linen napkins have been thoroughly washed, there still is the problem of undesirable food stains that just simply cannot be removed regardless of how many times it may have been washed. Some catering establishments still use the same off putting, food stained napkins for their customers. Not good practice at all!!

Allergies and linen napkins

There are many people who suffer with hypersensitive skin and are naturally allergic to some washing powders and liquids. It is up to the catering and laundry service establishments to ensure that the washing powder or liquid is suitable for all skin types. If this has not been maintained, the act of a customer, who suffers with a hypersensitive skin condition, wiping their face with a linen napkin that has been washed using a washing powder or liquid that is ill suited to their skin, has a very high risk potential of encountering an allergic reaction. 

Linen napkins once they have been ironed

Unlike its new rival competitor "Airlaid", linen has to be ironed over and over, this can lead to leaving undesirable ironing marks as natural consequence of industrious ironing and can also be off putting to some customers, which subsequently devaluates the high level of service being given to them.

The solution is to dispose of the marked napkin and replace it with a new one in order to maintain high standards, however, this is a very expensive way around it due to the cost implications. 

Hygiene scenarios

The linen napkin fails to achieve the high standard concerning this and this is partly due to the amount of hands exchanged in order for it to reach its final destination. The airlaid napkin in this type scenario is simply pulled out from its packaging in a brand new form and eloquently placed on the table. 


All of the above points are from eye witness accounts from the team of dedicated people conducting relevant field studies into the health and safety aspects concerning the Linen Vs Airlaid napkin challenge. 

The results from the above table and the intensive research study is conclusive to our organisation; however, Linen is a very well respected champion and will perhaps always remain that champion in the food industry due to the perception, quality and beautiful designs it has for many years adorned our tables with and we sincerely hope that they will continue to do so.

To balance the argument and any shortfalls from the both divides, it would be a healthier option and prudent business decision making for restauratuers, to integrate the both, widely respected Linen and Airlaid products into the everyday business affairs of running a high class establishment.

The both products cannot be denied anything in terms of quality and performance, it really does boil down to the restaurateur and their own personal preference in how they wish their tables to be presented to the paying customer. Airlaid has a slight advantage over linen napkins in terms of better hygiene control. 

Airlaid is the perfect accompaniment that compliments the years of excellent service that the Linen Napkin has provided for us all but modern and sophisticated companies are now realising the many benefits that Airlaid napkins and table covers have to offer over the once preferred linen. AIRLAID IS THE NEW LINEN.