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    Airlaid table covers for a professional finish each and every time.

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    Better hygiene control than standardised linen.

Airlaid Table Coverings

Introduction - Airlaid Table Covers Vs Linen Table Covers

As with our airlaid napkins, our beautiful airlaid table covers and banqueting rolls perform equally as good with a superb choice of contrasting colours that will freshen and bring to life any quality table setting. 

Airlaid table covers are the ultimate choice in perfection for the professional restaurateur. They are particularly useful when catering establishments have run out of clean high quality linen slip covers. There are many high class restaurants that now use airlaid slip covers as a plan B. They are fast and efficient and customers do appreciate that high standards are still maintained. 

Hygiene Control

With linen table covers, there is not as good hygiene control as what naturally comes with airlaid table covers. Airlaid Table Coverings are not only the ultimate replacement, alternative, or addition to linen but, it is a single use item that totally eradicates the undesirable reaction that customers naturally experience from the visual appearance left over from stubborn food stains that cannot be removed from linen as a result of poor washing techniques. Airlaid Table Coverings, is the natural progression for additional support to high quality linen based products.


Setting a table after use is extremely efficient with airlaid table coverings and free's up valuable space from the clustering of dirty linen and any unpleasant odours derived from the build up of them during working hours. 

Quality, Performance & Simplicity 

Airlaid table covers can be quickly removed and thrown away after use and replaced with fresh hygienic covers to delight customers with at every sitting. There is no compromise on quality; with the airlaid range of table covers, your customers will notice the linen simulated texture and fully appreciate its conformity arranged over the table. 

Cost Saving Solution

When you weigh up the facts, airlaid table covers and napkins are a more cost effective replacement, alternative, or addition to the linen family without any compromise on quality.