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How to Choose Your Hand Towel

C fold offers a large area towel for high use areas and maximum absorbency. A large quantity of C fold hand towels will compact into a dispenser, reducing maintenance. They can also be used freestanding, allowing the user to select a single towel at a time.


Interfold towels, also referred to as a V fold, are interleaved with the next towel in the pack. When a towel is removed the next is presented, encouraging single towel use and reducing the risk of cross infection. Interfold towels have the smallest surface area of all towels, making them the prime choice in high traffic areas where economy and value for money are paramount.


Z fold combines the interleaf of an interfold with an increased surface area, for the ultimate in luxury drying. The extra fold creates a larger hand towel with improved absorption capabilities. Like interfold, Z fold towels present the next towel individually and can be used in a dispenser for single towel dispensing, reducing cross infection and encouraging the use of lower volume.

Product High Volume Use Luxury Feel Freestanding Use Dispensing Surface Area
C Fold 1 Ply *** * *** ** ***
C Fold 2 Ply * *** *** ** ***
Interfold / V Fold 1 Ply *** * ** *** *
Z Fold 2 Ply ** *** ** *** **