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Hygiene Paper Overview


The ANGEL PAPER range of paper products has been carefully selected to provide cost-effective, absorbent, reliable solutions for everyday hygiene. Our hygiene disposable range can be used to clean, mop, wipe, dry and polish in a variety of catering establishments along with clinical, professional care and beauty environments.

The ANGEL PAPER range offers a wide choice to cater for your individual preference, application and budget. All of our products are tried and tested for quality, size and consistency, and are manufactured in the UK and overseas from sustainable sources.

Guaranteed Size, Length and Quantity

We are confident that ANGEL PAPER hygiene products will all eventually be manufactured under the CHSA Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme (membership application is currently under serious consideration).

To qualify for this scheme, a manufacturer must place checks on quality, length, and width to ensure they are consistent and accurate. All items must then be clearly labelled to allow the customer to make an informed decision and compare similar paper products. This means that when you buy from ANGEL PAPER, you can be assured that what you are buying matches what is in the box.

Luxury Soft White Paper

Where high quality and a luxurious feel is important, virgin white paper is the perfect choice. Virgin paper is manufactured from wood pulp that has never been processed before, or subjected to dyes, residue and other contaminants. This also means that the fibres are longer; giving a softer and more absorbent paper that is characteristically crisp white in appearance.

Economical Reycled Paper

For the cost-conscious or high volume use areas, recycled paper offers an affordable alternative. Our range of blue and green products are all manufactured from clean, recovered paper that is free from contaminants. More environmentally friendly and cost effective, all of the ANGEL PAPER recycled range has been tried and tested and retain their strength, even when wet. 

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Whether you choose the softness and performance of white paper products or the cost-effective recycled paper options, you can be assured that careful consideration of the environment has been maintained. 

ANGEL PAPER virgin pulp is derived from sustainable forest sources. This means that new trees are planted to replace those harvested, to provide sustainable production. Growing trees also absorb CO2, aiding emission reduction targets. Alternatively, where visual appearance or optimum performance is less critical, recycled paper offers its own ecological benefits. Green and blue products make good use of waste paper to reduce the environmental impact from deforestation and therefore consume less natural resoruces. Less energy is also consumed during manufacturing. 

Whatever your choice, ANGEL PAPER hygiene solutions offer additional, solid environmental benefits over less sustainable products that are widely available. Ordering ANGEL PAPER hygiene paper products helps to reduce your carbon footprint from the unnecessary transportation of goods. From couch rolls to hand towels, ANGEL PAPER has it covered.